Off to the Show!

I posted my next page “Into the Fire and Then Some” about Kathy Venter’s sculpture “Woman Drawing” under the Kathy Venter tab on this blog. Included are some photos of the completed sculpture taken by David Borrowman.

In the next day or so Kathy and Deon will put all of the sculptures (each of which has been carefully packed into its own shipping crate) into a big moving van for transportation to the Museum in Ontario. The show banner is already up outside the Gardiner announcing the show dates.

Life Banner


I am planning on attending the opening at the end of May. The exhibition runs from May 30th until September 15th, 2013. If you are in Toronto do take some time to stop by the Gardiner Museum (111 Queens Park, south of Bloor) to see Kathy’s work; it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I wish Kathy much success with the show. I am so excited and happy for her.

Here is a link to Kathy’s website and video introducing her work and the exhibition at the Gardiner.




The Other Andrea

The other day my very creative and talented artist friend Martin Herbert sent me an email. He had run into Andrea M. (another life model here on Salt Spring) and told her about my blog. He decided to send me this picture of a drawing he did during a life modelling session last summer.

Summer 2012I love the simplicity of Martin’s watercolour sketches. It takes hours of practise to be able to use only a few lines and some strokes of the watercolour brush to capture the gesture, light and shading in a quick sketch.

Martin draws from life every week. Often he sets up a challenge for himself and sometimes the model.  “Do something square.” he might say, “I need to fill a square-shaped space!”. Often the request is for a 20 or 25 minute standing pose. (Many models prefer to sit or lie down for the longer poses, I actually prefer to stand – there’s less chance of something falling asleep.)

Anyway, back to the “other Andrea”. Andrea M. and I actually worked together at the Harbour House Hotel around the same time I started modeling. Now, while I only knew a couple of girls named Andrea when I was young, once I arrived on Salt Spring there was a plethora of us! Three in my office at the Driftwood and one next door at the dog groomers. I volunteered with two at the SSI Conservancy, worked with Andrea M at the hotel and encountered four or five others along the way. Our ages ran the gamut from 20 something to 60 something – interesting I think! Never had I encountered so many people with the same name as me. This of course lead to some confusion one day when the person booking the model for the Core Inn session accidentally booked both Andreas for the same day. I went to the bathroom to disrobe and when I came out there was Andrea M. waiting to change. Oops. Having both of us pose at the same time wasn’t in the budget so I think I stayed and the Other Andrea went home. The world being what it is, I of course ran into Andrea M. today at the gym and told her I was planning on adding Martin’s photo to my blog … and the story of “The Other Andrea”.

A Blog About Life Modeling

My name is Andrea LeBorgne and this is my blog that was inspired by modeling for Kathy Venter a talented sculptor on Salt Spring Island. In September 2012 we began working on a life-size sculpture for her upcoming exhibition entitled “Life” at the Gardiner Museum of Ceramics in Toronto. I began jotting down a few thoughts I had about the process as we went along. Kathy encouraged me to post my blogs, so here they are.

I added a few other pages about other life modeling I do on Salt Spring. I would be interested in your comments.